I caught my dad watching Toddlers & Tiaras.

He is 50.

He turns to me, and says that this show is his shit.

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Sometimes PhotoBooth is the best camera

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why are 15 year olds so angry

Listen here “Buddy”! This is when we enter the stage realizing what the fuck we have to do with our lives. We have to go through many things such as sexuality & coming out, loving someone & they don’t love you back, becoming an shitty adult & still want to play with Hot Wheels, and getting fucking acceptance because you are labeled for your taste in anything.You have to care what you look like, and working so fucking hard to please someone who doesn’t give a shit about you. I mean why couldn’t I be MOTHER FUCKING Peter Pan for God’s sake. Then there is college which supposed to help you choose a career. What if I just want to be a mom with four kids, and a loving husband. Maybe I don’t want to fucking work! I just want to live, and not be stressed by FUCKING life!!! That is it I am becoming Peter Fucking Pan

Love, an angry 15 year old

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The truth in 64 words.
My eardrum broke because of this
A daily look into an Asian/American Girl’s Life

Last night at dinner my mum (Japanese) was angry at my dad (Irish/American) not getting his passport renewed on time. She started to complain how Americans are lazy people, and the Japanese are always organized. My Dad answers saying “Nobody’s is perfect in this world. My mum stands up slams her fist on the table, and yells “I AM A PERFECT PERSON!”. Then she grabs her gin, and goes to her bedroom to sleep.

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When I talk to my crush
Me everyday
Your Tumblr Dashboard Sings

The fact that the song is so true

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I don’t know that feel bruh, but I feel you bruh

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